A Preview Of UK Bar Professional Training Course

Mr Richard Clements (right), a law lecturer from Bristol, United Kingdom, conducting a Pre-Bar Professional Training Course for LLB students in KDU College. Among them are Nyasha (2nd from left) and Mellaney (3rd from left).  Ms Evon Lim, the Head of KDU Law School (right) presenting a token of appreciation to Mr Richard Clements. 
Mr Richard Clements giving a preview of the Bar Professional Training Course which is important for KDU students as it will give them a better view of BPTC in depth before graduation.  KDU’s LLB students enjoy very much during the group discussion on a case study which facilitates by Mr Richard Clements. 
With aim of enabling the law graduates from KDU Law School (KLS) to be named and practise as barristers locally as well as internationally, KDU College had recently organised the inaugural Pre-Bar Professional Training Course (Pre-BPTC) Advocacy in Malaysia with Mr Richard Clements, a law lecturer from Bristol, United Kingdom, in its campus at Damansara Jaya.

Held on 5 March 2018, this session was conducted for KLS students for the first time based on special request, which attended by about thirty law students. “This is the first Pre-BPTC that being held in the country, as there is no such advocacy session even in the United Kingdom,” stated Ms Evon Lim, the Head of KDU Law School.

In contrary to the full theoretical-based training of the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP), BPTC comes as an alternative to Malaysian students, as BPTC provides students with advocacy training and group sessions that offer true-to-life mock trials, assessments, 'mini chambers' and real-life legal work experience opportunities that equip students with the advocacy, research, conference and mediation skills which they need to excel at the Bar and beyond.

BPTC is now run by the Bar School which comprised of thirteen institutes along with the four prestigious Inns of Court in the UK.  

“This preview session is utmost important as it will give students a better view of BPTC in depth before graduation. Hence, upon graduation, the KLS leavers will be able to immediately venture into their pathway of either BPTC or CLP and so forth.” said Lim.

During his presentation on BPTC, Mr Richard who is now the Leader of International Partnership (Law) at University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol, explained to students the entry requirements, the components and modules that made up this course as well as its tuition fees.

“Today I am giving the students an exercise that they need to fulfil if they were to do BPTC. The BPTC is very competitive as the students from all over the world are trying to get places in England. Besides academic studies, student need to know how to write a good application, getting legal experiences by securing a place in lawyer offices. Moreover, they need to get prepared with their English literacy because the course requires high standard of English as it involves presentation in the court,” elaborated Mr Richard.

He divided students into different groups and facilitated a case studies session that required student to analyse clients’ problems, consolidating and synchronising clients’ narration into a more organised statement with perspective that could later translate into legal documents. The activity saw KLS students of Bachelor of Law (LLB) participated fully by showing full corporative spirit of group.

“I was the presenter of one of the cases. It benefited me as I have to learn how to summarize what clients generally speak and to be very objective towards the matter at hands. The session was very straight forward and clear. Mr Richard tried to make condition very easily digestible for all of us since we are from different countries,” said Goh Shu Hwey Mellaney, a Year 1 Bachelor of Laws (LLB) student in KDU.

As for Nyasha Faith Tengende, a Year 2 LLB student who originated from Zimbabwe, opined that the Pre-BPTC Advocacy Training not only had helped her to recall in whatever she has been reading, but to help students with the recent development on cases which they have to put in their essay. “Mr Richard explained the cases in details. The session opened my eyes to see what practising is really mean and how the practising world is. I am planning to do BPTC in future definitely,” she said.

According to Ms Nalini Samudram, Lecturer of KDU Law School, Year 1 students in KDU are required to do case study and  submit the work as part of their final examination, hence, the preview session of BPTC conducted by Mr Richard was very much similar to what KDU students have been doing in the module of ‘Legal System and Methods’, as KLS is always striving best to equip graduates by providing them the real world insights.