Reason Behind Fast Depleting Battery And Power Saving Tips For Average Joe And Jane

Tired of having to charge your phone all the time? Probably it is time to check your phone usage behaviour so that your battery life span can be improve.
 Closing background apps via disabling the manufacturer’s pre-loaded apps, dim the screen brightness or disabling the auto-download and auto-streaming of video could be the answers for you in reducing your battery consumption enhancing your battery life span.
Annoyed that your phone battery cannot even last you few hours even though you barely use it and you just fully charged it? Tired of having to charge your phone all the time or going to the phone shops every few months to purchase a new battery?
Fret no more as KDU’s School of Computing and Creative Media (SCCM) computing lecturer Khoo Li Jing have some tricks or suggestions on how you could reduce the battery consumption or battery saving methods for your phone.
Khoo pointed out that a standard cell battery could last more than 18 months before it starts losing its ability to charge or discharge. When that happens, phone users would normally patronise mobile phone outlet every few months to replace their phone battery or purchase a phone with higher battery storage or even repair their phone charging outlet due to wear and tear as a result of too much charging.
“No doubt that these methods could solve the users’ battery woe but those solutions are just temporary measures only because it still failed to address the main problem on hand, which is the fast depleting battery life span.
“Most users would assume that the fast depleting battery life span is due to their phone getting old and that the battery capacity no longer capable to support their heavy usage of the phone in which they are not entirely wrong because heavy usage does leads to the issue of battery diminishing faster than usual.
“And it is because of this reason that most phone manufacturers are always competing with each other to produce phone with long lasting battery in the resource hungry mobile industry,” Khoo said.
Khoo continued that the other reason for the fast depleting battery life is due to the phone processor.
“Due to the limitability of the phone processor, there is only so much that a small piece of processor inside our phone can handle. Hence, to ensure it has the ability to adapt itself to the setting of a new mobile application, the processor would drain the battery on a slightly faster rate for the adaption process.
“Furthermore, coupled with the constant update by different mobile applications which require bigger processor to handle its settings, the battery capacity will be greatly affected over time,” he explained.
Khoo then noted that the power consumption would also increases when a user set the highest level of settings or sensitivity for certain mobile applications or mobile game.
“For example, the previously popular and trending mobile game Pokemon Go, a location based adventure game which requires game users to have both GPS and mobile date ensure its compatibility and accurate location information, as without either one the game might not be compatible.
“However, different game might have different functions that drain the most power from the battery,” Khoo said.
On how to reduce battery consumption, Khoo suggested that users could try some of the methods below:
  1. Closing background apps via disabling the manufacturer’s pre-loaded apps
  2. Dim the screen brightness
  3. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when not in used
  4. Disable auto-download and auto-stream video
  5. View videos in low resolution
  6. Purchase an external battery pack or powerbank 

Note: Most of the battery saving mode has not reached the mature stage, the effect on saving power is still not significantly affecting your phone at the date of writing
In summary, Khoostressed that to have the optimised usage of the battery life span, phone users should always check their usage behaviour by studying their battery usage settings, adjust screen brightness, sound and running services.
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