SCCA's CSR Collaboration with Picha Project

Picha awareness team at Urbanscapes with social influencers. Vegan team delivered food order.
Food tasting team at Tiffin Food Court. FB Pixel team will co-founder Ms Suzanne.
As an educational entity, KDU has always emphasized on the importance of employing a student centric approach in its courses to ensure their student’s learning experience. 

In the recent semester, KDU takes great pride in nurturing the future generation to become positive contributors that enrich the community. School of Communication and Creative Arts form a unit to shown their students’ skills and leaderships through the test on Corporate Social Responsibilities coursework. In this unit, the unit lecturer was inspired by The Picha Project, a social enterprise represented Malaysia on an international stage, taking home a whopping 53k USD in the Chivas Venture Global Final 2018 that aims to empower refugee families in Malaysia by connecting those who have cooking skills with companies, organisations and individuals needing catering.

The collaboration between KDU and The Picha Project involved students undertook the economic responsibility initiatives that focuses to facilitate the long-term growth of The Picha Project, while the refugees earn a living through this platform with respect and dignity.  This unit was unique as inexperienced students were required to creatively think outside the box to pitch initiatives and examine strategies that address organizational, economic and societal issues in Malaysia.  By undertook these initiatives, the awareness created for The Picha Project and its purpose may, in time, translate to a more sustainable business model for The Picha Project and thereby honing students’ skills and gratitude towards life.

Some of the initiatives undertaken by the students:
  • Raised awareness for The Picha Project by spreading the word via social media, specifically those with a large following such as the likes of Jacqueline Ng, Madeleine Tan, Chai Kay Ley, Julianne Haridas, Choo Wan Teng, Jolene Tiong, KC Yam, Shafiqah Othman and Norreen
  • A public outreach program held in Bukit Tinggi, Pavillion, Glenmarie, Sunway Giza, SS15, Setiawalk, Puchong and Urbanscapes
  • The QR code balloon campaign held in Damansara Uptown, where 300 passersby were approached and encouraged to scan a QR code containing information regarding PICHA and their purpose
  • The Picha Pause Game; an interactive mini game that promoted PICHA’s food menu by having players attempt to “catch” the food as they move across the screen
  • Optimize user flow into PICHA’s website by generating dedicated URLs that tracked visitors to PICHA’s webpage, enabling them to effectively manage marketing campaigns and obtain further insight on the result of these marketing strategies
  • Installed Facebook Pixel into Picha’s website to monitor ads traffic from Facebook
  • A series of events that included food promotions, game challenges, and poster and video advertisements, name cards and flyers distribution, free cookies giveaway and a social experiment with the public intended to raise awareness about PICHA’s missions

Through this CSR coursework, students have transformed and gained various experience needed to undertake any future endeavours intended to further a social cause.  They created a generation of future entrepreneurs and working adults instilled with the culture and significance of using their economic influence to positively impact societal issues. The vital values that the students have taken away from this unit will undoubtedly become a catalyst for greater things for our society, and country.

KDU would like to thank the participating public and the social media influencers that played an important role in helping our students to undergo this experience.