Seed My Future

Students are posting in social media. SAC Team members are distributing seed packets in the campus.
SAC Team members distributing seed packets at LRT Glenmarie station. SAC Team members distributing seed packets at LRT Kelana Jaya Station.
Plants all over the world are being threatened in a variety of ways. The most major threat to plant diversity is agriculture. Forestry is another industry which is hurting plants and food chains all over the planet. In the Malaysia, thousands of acres of rainforest are being cut down every year to produce paper and paper products. This is greatly affecting the wildlife, such as tigers, that use the forest as their homes. Climate change is also affecting plants on a large scale. Many plants in the world require a certain range of temperature and humidity to live. When local climate changes greatly, plants are not able to survive, and many die out and so do species that are dependent on them.

In conjunction with the World Environmental Day every 20th June, KDU SAC staffs did transformation to contribute to this event. SAC staff has been distributed seeds in order to contribute some of our part to the environment. It is also creating up some awareness to the public.  Even though it is not a big scale, but starting small is a good start off, to protect our environment. They being engaged themselves as a team, which had been spilt into four teams, to distribute these seed packets.

The distribution took place in DJ and UG campus at 11am, meanwhile in Kelana Jaya LRT station and Glenmarie LRT station, the distribution started at 3pm. The seed packets had been attached with a note printed from a recycled paper together with the hashtag for the public to post in the social media. The main target of this event to create awareness among the public regarding the importance of our environment and to encourage them to take action, thus it would contribute to our environment even though in a small amount.

Each team had been split to four locations which is UG and DJ campus, Kelana Jaya LRT Station and Glenmarie LRT Station. The target numbers were 200 people including students, staff and also public. Staff approached the public by explaining the purpose of the event and give out some seeds for free.  

 Each team members had approached the public and explain the main motive of this movement, as well request the public to post it in the social media to support this programme. The seed packets were given for free to the public. In conclusion, this event really drives to KDU Sustainability plan and also a part of contribution to the environment.