SeeKL Travelogue project by KDU Foundation Studies students in collaboration with Acer Malaysia

A group picture of the students before they went off to film their subjects. FSAT lecturer Miss Chee greeting and briefing the students.
Acer’s senior product manager, Jeffrey Lai, giving a word of encouragement to the students. The students excited to start the project.  
On the 23rd of February 2019, a total of 130 students from KDU University College gathered at the heart of Kuala Lumpur celebrated launch of the SeeKL project. The project represents a visual discussion of ideas and themes by the final semester students of foundation studies about life in the capital city.
The visual project commenced with a collaboration between two final semester subjects – Creative Studies and Media Production. The academic facilitators Loh Eugene and Chee Sze Yin were adamant the culture and heritage subject matter would deepen the students’ outlook by the idea of the “SeeKL: Travelogue”. From the past preliminary meeting with Acer Malaysia, they interested in creating a co-branding opportunity by supplying the necessary technology to bring this project to life. 
Adding up with more sessions, the school organised question and answer session with the authors of “Kuala Lumpur Street Names” – Mariana Isa and Maganjeet Kaur. The book mostly focused on documenting the rich mix of cultures that reflected the Kuala Lumpur street names. 
By the weeks of planning and deliberating on the subject matter; 30 teams comprising of 5 members each finally headed down to Medan Pasar Clock tower at Masjid Jamek to capture the early morning routine at the markets and daily weekend musings of Kuala Lumpur folk. The strolled was participated by Mr. Jeffery Lai and Ms. Chan Wai Li from Acer Malaysia.
In the next following weeks, it was a crucial time where the students involved in the project as they race against time to compile the visual content collected to be edited and presentation. The project went through a judging process by the panel from KDU University College, Acer Malaysia and the author of the Kuala Lumpur Street Names book.
On the 1st of April 2019, the project works will be exhibited at KDU University College for the public viewing. The winners of the project will be announce. The winner of this project will sponsor by Acer Malaysia.