Selangor Internship and Career Market Day 2019

Malaysia Co-working Space Eco-system & Job Opportunities. Overview of Selangor Internship & Career Market Day 2019.
Students registering for Selangor Internship and Career Market Day 2019. On the spot interviews conducted by employers.
The Selangor Internship and Career Market Day 2019 was held on 20th March 2019 at KDU University College. Since the year of 2016, KDU University College had started 5 initiatives to help with the students’ growth and development aside from academic knowledge.  Part of KDU’s initiatives remains by Career Exploration; which empowers KDU graduates to increase their employability before graduation. This initiative been implemented through various activities and workshops that heightens the students’ awareness on the job market and self-improvement.  

Many employers from a variety of industries attend, and there are both general and specialized career fair events.29 employers had took part in this event, including major companies such as Mazda, Co-labs, MyCar Malaysia, The Recruiter and JOS Malaysia. What is most unique about a career fair is that employers choose to attend these events in order to meet and recruit excellent candidates.

The talk were given by the potential company throughout the career fair happening in the TV studio on the topic of ‘Malaysia Co-Working Space Eco-System & Job Opportunities’. Career fairs offer a chance to learn general information about your chosen industry. KDU hopes that this will facilitate the students to be more conscious of the selection process while deciding their internship or job placement.

This event has become over time a valuable resource for students and job seekers. The experience of bestowing oneself professionally and networking with different people tremendously valuable use of time during the job and internship search.