Smashing Good Time For Charity

Participating teams sweating it out in the court while raising fund for charity.

 The organising committees paying a visit to Persatuan Rumah K.I.D.S to handover the donation raised through the inaugural SOE’s friendly badminton tournament for charity.
The participating teams and winners having a memorable photo after the inaugural SOE’s friendly badminton tournament for charity.  
A total of 16 teams took part in the inaugural friendly badminton tournament for charity organised by KDU’s School of Engineering (SOE) two weeks ago. Organised by SOE’s second semester Diploma in Mechanical Engineering programme students, the event allowed the participants to sweat it all out in the court while doing charity works in the process.
Apart from donating to charity, event spokesperson Dr Cheng Xiau San said that the organisation of the event also helps the students to develop leadership qualities while enhancing their problem solving skills and resolving conflict as well as promoting teamwork among the students en route to successful event.
After some six hours of gruelling and intense competition, the team of Jackson Lee and Lye Kia Seng emerged victorious as the dynamic duo defeated Azrul and Dhamiral in straight sets, 21-16 and 26-24. Meanwhile, the charity tournament third place winner goes to Chan Lap Foong and Gan Chian Chuan.
“The event was the initiative of the students with the aims to promote healthy lifestyle among themselves in sports as well as enable them to contribute to the needed community with the fund raised,” Dr Cheng said.
A proud Dr Cheng added that she was satisfied with the teamwork demonstrated by the organising committees as the event was able to be carried out successfully with quite a number of participants even though the event budget relied solely on the registration fees.
“Furthermore, the committees have demonstrated good teamwork during the preparation and show great responsibilities in completing their task and creativities in resolving some of the problems that arises,” Dr Cheng said.
Meanwhile, event organiser vice-president David Langes said that despite there were a lot of hiccups throughout the event planning and organisation, everyone did their very best to overcome each of the problems that arises.
“For example, the lack of communication between the committee members. There are times when some of the members were not clear about their responsibilities and what they should do so when that was raised during the committee meeting, we reminded that person of their task as requested for it to be completed within the deadline.
“There are also problems with the venue as there are some other event ongoing and the venue is not available which forces us to reschedule the event to another date at the last minute,” David said after the event.
Overall, he stressed that it was an eye opener experience for him as if it is not for this event, he might not come to know all the difficulties in organising an event from scratch while making sure the event runs smoothly.
“The event also taught us to be a more responsible person by making sure we complete all the tasks assigned to us before the deadline,” he said.
Separately, Dr Cheng said after deducting all expenses incurred in organising the tournament, the students have managed to raise some RM108 and it was channelled to Persatuan Rumah K.I.D.S (Rumah Kids).