Participants for BOB Camp 2017 at a voice-recording session held at KDU’s production and recording studio,  Creative Waves. Participants from different secondary schools are in action during one of the station game of BOB Hunt.
More than 850 secondary school students from Klang Valley participating in the BOB Camp 2017, organised by KDU and bringing home with them a lifetime of memories and lasting friendship.  
Explore, Discover, Create – that was the mission set forth for more than 850 Klang Valley secondary school students at the Battle of the Best Camp (BOB CAMP) 2017 held on 1 April 2017 at KDU’s sprawling Utropolis Glenmarie campus.

With aims to showcase state-of-the-art facilities as well as teaching and learning techniques at KDU, not only had this camp disclosed new elements of learning this year, but had also guided the participants in a discovery experience of their own strengths and capabilities, along with forming new friendship and creating indelible memories.

The campus was abuzz with the students’ arrival as early as 7a.m, with the teenagers clearly beaming with excitement, enthusiasm and energy that they were waiting to bring into full play.

In order to help students explore their interests, as well as enable them to learn and discover new things, KDU, together with its various schools and faculties, organised a myriad of workshops – each of which was tailored to ensure the secondary school students had ample opportunity to participate and get involved with elements of solid knowledge, fun and excitement.

At the ‘Pitch Your Idea Right’ workshop by the School of Business, budding entrepreneurs went through a solid workshop which took them through the various stages in developing an effective and efficient plan to ensure that one’s idea could get to the right customer. The ‘3D Sculpting’ workshop by the School of Computing and Creative Media directed participants on the path of creating high quality 3D sculptures, whereas ‘Making Games for Newbies’, ‘Digital Imaging’, ‘Let’s Code’ by the same school showcased ways to actualise one’s ideas to reality.

Apart from that, some participants also had the opportunity of obtaining hands-on experience at the School of Communications and Creative Arts’ ‘Lights, Camera, Music!’ workshop, learning the basics MTV production, the behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot and how to be a radio DJ, all of which took place at KDU’s industry-standard state-of-the-art suite of studios, which left students in awe!

If that workshop wasn’t amazing enough, the School of Communication and Creative Arts also conducted two other popular workshops, which were; “Design & Act!” - teaching students how to create a scene together and improvisation on theatre and acting; as well as ‘Superhero Design in 360’  that demonstrates how to create props, present ideas and take the best 360 photos and videos.

As the workshops were all held simultaneously, the participating-students did not have an easy time determining which they’d like to attend according to their preference.  Other workshops include the School of Engineering’s ‘Detective DoReMi’, ‘Building Structure’ and ‘Lucky Digit Display’, as well as the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts’ creatively developed ‘Experience Hospitality – A Kingdom of Wonders’.

Later in the afternoon, the event switched into a different gear as the BOB Hunt commenced. For this was a race-like hunt, participants had to go through numerous station games that been put in place around the campus facilitated by KDU student-helpers.

The spectacular finale of BOB Camp 2017 was a mini concert held in the multi-purpose hall, where the secondary school students enjoyed songs and dance performances by various bands as well as KDU’s Performing Arts Club, ending the evening on a high note and bringing the BOB Camp 2017 to a close, with students bringing home with them a lifetime of memories and lasting friendship.