Top Law Graduate's Dreams Began in KDU

Kenneth Chung remains as one of the top graduates in his batch  Kenneth and his team mates back in Sri Lanka 
PETALING JAYA, 17th SEPTEMBER 2015 - As one of the pioneers in private higher education, KDU College has produced many sought after graduates over the years. Qualified professionals with striking leadership capabilities, success stories are never ending when it comes to KDU’s graduates.

One such story is true for Law graduate; Kenneth Chung. Graduated from KDU College with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) awarded from the University of London International Programmes in 2014, Kenneth has always been at the top of his class. Not only was he the recipient of the Top Student Award for Law, he was also a recipient of the High Achievers and Merit Scholarships in KDU. 

“KDU certainly helped shape my confidence by leaps and bounds – they were always supportive in allowing and sponsoring my participation in a number of clubs, competitions and events. I have always been grateful of the start that KDU gave me, as well as the support and nurturing efforts shown by the lecturers at KDU,” noted Kenneth on his experience as a student in KDU, where he held numerous positions in various student organisations. It was also in KDU that he began to hone his leadership skills when he became the President of the Moot Club, the Student Advisor to the Law Society, and the Vice President of the Student Executive Committee. 

Kenneth was recognised as a high performing student leader. He utilised the foundation he stood on whilst in college and paved the path to his career by winning the McKinsey & Co. Youth Leadership Academy and was honoured by Axiata as one of their highest performers in the Axiata Young Talent University Leadership Development Programme. 

After graduating from KDU, Kenneth went for an internship in one of Axiata’s operating companies in Sri Lanka – Dialog. There, he was part of a programme which offered a rotation between the four largest companies in Sri Lanka: MAS Holdings (an international supplier of active and intimate wear), Deutsche bank, Dialog Axiata and 3M. While he was there, Kenneth continued to perform exceeding expectations and was the co-chair for a CSR project run by the interns of this programme – where his team raised over RM45,00.00 by organising a fashion show to raise both funds and awareness for underprivileged schools in Sri Lanka. 

As of today, Kenneth is currently a performance improvement management consultant in one of the big four firms, Ernst & Young (EY), advising a Malaysian Fortune Global 500 Oil and Gas company on the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for 126 legal entities, all in various businesses ranging from Upstream to Downstream to Education and Healthcare. 

In his free time, he is the editor-in-chief of a career education publication on the legal industry, entitled ‘The Hotshot Series: The Legal Line’. 

“This book was my baby! It was an idea which helped me win the 2012 McKinsey & Co. Youth Leadership Academy where I wrote the first edition of the book. Since then, and with help from my brilliant co-founders, we have strived to make the goal of the book a reality: to give law students in Malaysia an accurate glance as to what is awaiting them in the industry, as well as how to prepare for it,” stated Kenneth. 

With all of these achievements under his belt at the tender age of 24, Kenneth shows no sign of slowing down. He credits the quality education he received in KDU as a monumental aspect of his success. “Ideally, the class sizes allowed for a more personalised education where each and every one of us had opportunities to learn at a pace we are adaptable to. In addition to that, the lessons were also more hands-on and there were plenty of opportunities for me to participate fully in engaging discussions in relation to my legal studies – which helped develop my critical thinking immensely, translating into my (modest) success in my current profession,” he explained. 

On future aspirations, Kenneth stated, ”In terms of career progression, I will be looking for more education and public policy based engagements, so I’m pretty hopeful to experience something which I have always wanted to do. In the long run, I hope to be able to start my own consulting firm, or even join the Ministry of Education!”

The University of London international Programmes Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree is internationally recognised and respected by both law practitioners and academics. It is the only external law degree programme recognised by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board of Malaysia. KDU College is one of the few affiliate centres for the University of London International Programmes in Malaysia, having offered this undergraduate course since 1988.

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