UNSW Students’ Day of Celebration

Akmal Hisyam receiving his Top Scorer award. Proud UNSW Foundation programme graduate smiling for the camera during the award ceremony.
Lau Jun Wey receiving his Top Scorer award from Mr. Christopher McKenna.  
26 November 2015 was a marked date for the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Foundation students of KDU College. After all the hard work and preparation they had undergone, it was time for them to celebrate the end results through the graduation ceremony held at KDU College’s Damansara Jaya campus.

In attendance were Ms. Susan Ooi, CEO of KDU College, Mr. Christopher McKenna, Director of International Development from UNSW Australia, academic members from KDU’s School of Pre-University Studies (SPUS), as well as proud parents of the graduating students. Thirty seven proud graduates marched into the ceremony, their eyes greeted by the flashes of cameras and proud grins of their lecturers and family members.

The ceremony began with an opening speech by Ms. Sathyavathy Rasanayagam, the Head of School of Pre-University Studies. She noted with pride on the graduates’ achievements, but was also a little sentimental to see them graduating. Advising the students embarking to the next phase in their lives, she said, “As you move forward to the next chapter, take with you the memories and lessons you’ve gathered in KDU, and embrace new challenges with gusto and vigour. Every day is a chance for you to reinvent yourself and achieve what you’ve sorely dreamt of achieving.”

Mr. Christopher McKenna touched on the new adventures that awaits each and every one of these graduates but expressed his aspirations for the next generation of leaders, in his speech.

 “We’re all aware of the many issues and problems we face today. Among them are issues of climate change, the divisive gap between the rich and poor and uniting people all over the world regardless of their races and religions,” he stated, looking at the young graduates in the eyes, “I hope that when you get out there in the world, you would be one of the individuals who are capable of bringing change and resolve to these tough issues. Of course, these are issues on global scales and are extremely complex. But every individual has the power to do something great, it is my hope that the graduates here in front of me would also achieve great things out there.” 

The thirty seven graduates comprised of both science and commerce stream students. Upon awarding the certificates to all the graduates, the ceremony then turned its focus on two outstanding students who emerged as top scorers.
Lau Jun Wey is the top scorer from the Commerce stream with a GPA of 9.6. Grinning broadly as he received the scroll from Mr. Christopher McKenna, he expressed his gratitude to be part of the UNSW Foundation experience, saying, “The UNSW Foundation programme in KDU College is perhaps my most enjoyable education experience thus far. Of course, the programme boasts its fair share of challenges, but I daresay everyone at KDU has treated me very well and are very supportive. The experience has been great and I truly believe I made the right call by enrolling to this programme.”

Meanwhile, for the Science stream, Akmal Hisyam Bin Azman emerged as the top scorer with a GPA of 9.5. When enquired on his thoughts and experience thus far, he stated, “My one and a half year journey in the UNSW Foundation programme has been remarkable, to say the least. It has prepared me for my degree in UNSW and I love how the programme is not based on rote learning, and allows us to apply what we learn through our coursework.”

KDU has been offering the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Foundation Studies programme for the last 18 years. Through the programme, KDU offers its students high level academic skills needed for a smooth transition into universities in Australia, New Zealand and selected universities in the United Kingdom, United States and Malaysia.

The teaching style in KDU’s classrooms adheres to Australian university practices for lectures and tutorials, in which each class has a small teacher-student ratio so each student receives individual attention. In addition to that, UNSW provides all learning materials and students have a guaranteed place via a provisional offer to an undergraduate degree at UNSW, Sydney.