Visiting Lecturer From Abertay University Shares On Ethical Hacking And Internet Vulnerabilities

A group photo of Dr. Bayne and the participating students.
Dr. Bayne beginning his lecture on cyber security. 


Students listening as Dr. Bayne shared some interesting case studies of compromised systems through Internet.  
Network hacking, computer viruses and other forms of cyber fraud affect our lives in ways that range from inconvenient to life-threatening. Like it or not, the possibilities of digital exploitations are increasing at an alarming state, taking the same pace with the increasing numbers of mobile users, digital applications and data networks.

Aware of this growing phenomenon, KDU University College senses the urgency of educating its students, especially those studying Computer Science, in understanding this topic fully. As such, the KDU Student & Alumni Centre organised a talk entitled “Internet of Threats: The future of cyber security” on 16 March 2017 at its Utropolis Glenmarie campus.

The talk was facilitated by Dr. Ethan Bayne, a visiting lecturer from Abertay University in Scotland, United Kingdom, which offers world-leading courses in computer arts and computer games technology. Approximately 50 students attended the talk, with hopes to grasp knowledge about the Internet of Things, WiFi systems and their vulnerability to attacks and hackings.  

Dr. Ethan Bayne teaches Cybersecurity and Computer Science at the university’s Division of Computing and Mathematics. Having graduated with a Ph.D. in Digital Forensics, Dr. Bayne’s lecture saw him sharing his expertise and experience in the current climate of cyber security.

Among the audience, some 20 students were from the Computing programmes, who felt that this topic was highly relevant to them. Their attendance had generated some discussion thereafter about the challenges of setting up secure systems, and also on current cyber security trends in Malaysia.

 “It is good to hear about the recent developments in the field,” commented Low Ka Wei, a student pursuing the Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons) degree.  

“These days, we can connect to almost anything as long as it’s a smart device,” said Nicholas Chia, another Software Engineering student. Continuing, he also acknowledged, “But it’s just that we don’t think so much about the safety of these devices.”

Dr. Bayne approached the topic in a light and casual manner, highlighting the vulnerability of common household items with interesting and occasionally ridiculous-sounding examples. After the 1-hour talk, the visiting lecturer stayed to address some questions from students, and further demonstrated his passion for research and the topic at hand.