Why Business

Grooming Business Leaders for the future.

When students graduate from KDU with a business degree, they are ready to compete and succeed anywhere in the world. At KDU, we ensure that our students are armed with the knowledge, insights and skills, and empowered with experience, so that they stand out in our ever-evolving globalised economy and help create an economically prosperous tomorrow.

The academic experience at KDU is designed for students who not only desire to study business, but also to build the characteristics and confidence necessary for a real world experience. Our focus on communication skills, emotional intelligence, identifying strengths and pursuing passions prepare them to become driven and intuitive leaders.
Many of our lecturers are industry professionals with years of experience in the business world. Our Industry Advisory Panel consists of top-level managers and professionals who can provide current industry insights, and enhance our curricula and students’ learning process.
Degree students have the opportunity to be placed in top Malaysian and multinational companies for internships during their studies at KDU. All students in our business programmes have opportunities to collaborate with various organisations on actual projects in entrepreneurship and business.
Students in our home-grown diploma and degree programmes have the choice of articulating to universities in Australia and the UK.