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"When Digital Literacy, Creativity & Technological Knowledge Come Together"

With technological development, the world has changed rapidly and at an unimaginable rate. We now carry far more advanced technology in our mobile devices than that which took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to reach the Moon; and thirty years ago, only specialists knew how to use the Internet. Now, billions of people use the Internet for information, to trade, communicate and update their statuses every second of everyday! 

As we advance further in this hyper-connected world, digital literacy and technological knowledge becomes more a necessity than a simple advantage. We are witnessing technology which have been designed to mimic the way we think, imagine and create, permeate into our everyday activities. 

Growing in tandem, recent years have also seen a huge growth in the electronic games industry. This unprecedented growth is so huge, some computer and mobile games (think Pokemon Go and Grand Theft Auto V) even exceed Hollywood blockbuster films in terms of revenue generation and potential profits. The games industry is exciting, enormous and more diverse than ever.  

Understanding the interplay between computing and the highly immersive world of digital entertainment, KDU embodies the concept of "Technological Artistry", an approach to merge creativity into technology, producing graduates who can bridge these two distinct disciplines that are in the forefront of innovation. 

Utilising a combination of strategic industry collaborations and academ­ic partnerships, KDU produce young computing and creative media talents that not only fulfil the needs of the industry, but help shape what it becomes in the future. 



"An all-inclusive syllabus that produces computing wizards & games maestros"


Our syllabus is a direct result of in-depth analysis and collaborations with industry partners to ensure our graduates are not only employable but desirable talents that can integrate seamlessly into the industry. It evolves to stay relevant to current industry needs and practices. 
Creative Media Computing 
The Game Development degree programme at KDU is endorsed by a major UK-based game development studio and stalwarts in the local industry. The programme's streamlined syllabus and industry insights produces sought-after graduates, drawing many a studio to headhunt and handpick talents before they even graduate. With three specialised streams to choose from, our programme 1s one o e mos compre ens1ve ame Development programmes out there. 

KDU also collaborates with Codemasters Studios in the adoption of industry benchmarking and standards for curriculum and assessment methods in programme delivery. Codemasters is one of Britain's oldest video game development companies and is considered Europe's largest independent games company with nearly 700 employees in the UK alone. 
 KDU recognises the need to integrate and diminish the gap between industry requirements, practice and technology and academic delivery. Irrespective of the computing stream students choose to study, our syllabus ensure they have a strong grasp in the fundamentals on computing, from programming, to using complex algorithms, and designing, building and testing of app 1ca ions or sys ems - a o w 1c are en 1ca 1n cu 1va 1ng a graduate who is an analytical thinker and creative problem-solver. 

KDU offers programmes in 3 out of the 4 major facets of computing (as stated by The Association for Computing Machinery, the world's largest scientific and educational society for computing).
  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Information Systems 

"Our strong industry collaborations means students actively collaborate with potential future employers – before even graduating!"

Strategic Partnerships 
 We work with selected corporate industry and relevant organisations to obtain practical training materials and tools for knowledge transfer as well as the opportunity for events and networking . Students get a taste of real world experience in consultation with top technological companies such as IEEE Computer Society, and RapidMiner Master Reseller, Ouandatics (M) Sdn Bhd keeping updated with latest trends through projects and industry involvement.

Certification Ready 
 Students are exposed to and prepared for external certification exams and professional certification processes through our partnerships. 

Creative Media
MyGameDev Talent Development Initiative 
 In 2012, the Ministry of Higher Education awarded KDU with a PEMANDU Entry Point Project initiative under the Economic Transformation Plan and the National Key Results Area (Education) to spearhead the Game Development industry in Malaysia, focusing on awareness and talent building activities. This Game Development Cluster represents the start of a strategic collaboration between educational institutions and the Game Development industry to create a High-Income, Sustainable Creative Economy in the area of Game Development. 

The primary measure of success in a digital game region is a critical mass of talent. Without critical mass, it is difficult to find support, retain talent, and attract international visibility and credibility. In an effort to maintain a constant flow of talents into the Game Development Industry, MyGameDev's role is to ensure that not only are the relevant institutions generating graduates whidh are industry ready but to also prepare a ready pool of raw post-secondary student talents to feed into this pipeline.