Student Experience

2013年桌上图板游戏比赛 | 前来伯乐的中学生都乐在其中!
Table Top 2013 Board Game Competition l Secondary schools students having fun in KDU!
2012年漫画嘉年华 | 游戏开发展览
Comic Fiesta 2012 | Game Development Showcase
2013年圣诞联谊会Jingle Mingle | 学生向业界展示作品
Jingle Mingle 2013 | Student Showcase to Industry
“你遭受袭击了吗?”网络安全工作坊与研讨会 | 对抗恶意软件与病毒/特洛伊木马病毒工作坊
"Are You Under Attack?" Cyber Security Workshop and Seminar | Workshop on Safeguards Against Malware and Viruses / trojan Horses
2013年全球游戏分享会及En. Abdul Khaliq讲座 | 来自新加坡Ubisoft的首席美术师
Global Game Jam 2013 and Talk By En. Abdul Khaliq | Lead Artist From Ubisoft Singapore
马来西亚游戏与漫画展(Mgcc 2012)| 伯乐大学学院
The Malaysian Gaming & Comic Convention (Mgcc 2012) | KDU University College
Teo Yong Jin讲座 | 来自新加坡Ubisoft的首席美术师(与游戏开发课程的学生打成一片)
Talk By Teo Yong Jin | Lead Artist For Ubisoft Singapore (Clowning Around With The Game Development Students)
“小鲜肉”2013年创意媒体新生的迎新周 | 行尸逃跑后
Creative Media New Students Orientation 2013 “Fresh Meat” | Zombie Escape Aftermath

Ngan Seok Chern
Ngan Seok Chern
BSc of Computer Science, Northumbria University
Academic Programs Ops Manager, APAC AHQ MSP Lead
Studying Computing at KDU University College was a memorable experience for me as it enriched my passion for computers and technology.