KPT/JPS (PA 8691) 11/21

The Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering programme provides innovative training which enhances professional knowledge in a specialisation area and develops a wide range of advanced transferable skills, ensuring the development of high calibre graduates.

The nature of the programme ensures that students develop academically in their professional capability, intellectual creativity, innovation, scientific skill sets and become an independent researcher, as well enhance their personal attributes through personal confidence, leadership traits, communication and entrepreneurial skills. Graduating with a Ph.D. signifies a contribution of the graduate to the community of engineering scholars around the world.

As a research-based programme, students would be trained to critically analyse a problem, design a solution (or make a discovery) and implement the solution. In that process, students would collaborate and innovate. With partnering overseas institutions, enabling research students to experience overseas exposure such as exchanging research findings and ideas, culture, working ethics, and many other exciting adventures. This Ph.D. programme is tailored to students’ choices of specialisation and thus it is encouraging for students who wish to have higher freedom in their choice of studies, as well as flexibility in terms of time management.

This programme is designed to specifically fit the busy and hectic schedule of working professionals who wish to work and study simultaneously as it allows flexible study arrangement. The skills learned in the programme are beneficial to practices in the marketplace as well as the academic field. Students who are highly independent in learning, committed to excel, and ambitious in their career progressions are strongly recommended for this programme.
Programme Structure
Min. 3 years / Max. 6 years
KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie
Research Proposal
  • Students will systematically structure and develop their research by developing a research proposal, which would guide the student through the entire research process
Proposal Defence
  • A presentation session chaired by KDU with invited panel of examiners to ensure the candidate is able to articulate their research ideas and plans, as well as having the necessary skills to carry out research activities as proposed.
  • Upon the approval of the research proposal, students will be guided by their supervisors to begin their research, and will work independently on their research projects
  • Upon the completion of their research, students will document the research project and process in a thesis. Typically thesis for PHD is not more than 80,000 words
Viva Volce
  • Upon completion of research and thesis, candidate will undergo an oral presentation, chaired by experts in the field.
Study Route
Fees & Intakes
  • 9 Jan
  • 11 May
  • 4 Sep

*Terms and Conditions Apply
Entry Requirements
  • Master Degree :
Completion of Master’s Degree or equivalent in a related field
Local Student :Credit (SPM / 1119 / UEC / O Levels Examination) / Min. score of Band 4 in MUET
International Student :Band 5.5 in IELTS; or a score of 196 (computer-based) or 69 (internet-based); or 525 (paper-based) in TOEFL
*If English language requirements are not fulfilled, additional English module(s) may be taken at KDU University College.