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Alicia Grace Loh Ern Hui
Alicia Grace Loh Ern Hui
A Level (Arts), January 2013 intake,
completed in June 2014
Law, University of Cambridge, UK
Graduated June 2014
Doing the A-Levels in KDU University College is a really interesting experience in the best way possible. I was blessed to have top-notch lecturers and awesome course mates, without whom I probably wouldn’t have been able to get through (not in one coherent piece anyway). 

The lecturers are really amazing people, and ever ready to impart their knowledge, very often, going the extra mile for theirs students. 

It is often said that, you never know how much a place changes you until you leave it and I believe that is true for me.
Gan Jia Min
Gan Jia Min
A Level (Science), January 2013 intake,
completed in June 2014
Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK
Graduated June 2014
I have the lecturers to thank for my great results. The most commendable advantage of KDU UC is the attention of the lecturers for every student in our learning process. 

The student-to-lecturer’s ratio is about 15 to 20 students in a class, as compared to other colleges my friends attend, which can easily hit up to 30 over students per class. 

I believe this individualised attention is what helped me attain such good results for me to be accepted into Cambridge.
Chester Lau Kean Nam
Chester Lau Kean Nam
UNSW Foundation Studies (Science),
Computing Engineering, UNSW
Graduated 2013
The lecturers in the Pre-U department have assisted me in achieving academic success. 

The facilities offered in the campus are comprehensive and fulfill our needs. I have learnt a lot of new knowledge that I never knew existed and it surely would help me in my degree years.
Calvin Chew Meng Kit
Calvin Chew Meng Kit
UNSW Foundation Studies (Commerce),
Bachelor of Commerce, UNSW
Graduated 2013
The journey in Pre-U in KDUUC although short, was definitely a memorable experience. 

Meeting new friends, experiencing different lecture methodology and the comprehensive facilities provided in the campus have totally enhanced the well structured academic system.
Teng Yun
Teng Yun
I still remember when I came to Malaysia, I could not understand a word of English. My lecturers taught me a lot and gave me confidence, and they have always been very patient with me.
They also helped me in my life because my English was very poor so I couldn’t do many things by myself.

With their help, my English improved very quickly. I certainly made the right choice in choosing to study in KDU.
Yousuf Alam
Yousuf Alam
Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)
Here in KDU, we’re like a big family. Lecturers and staff at KDU work closely with the students, which allows everyone to form friendship bonds.

The education provided in KDU is of unwavering quality and this is acknowledged by not only the alumni, but industry players as well. For these reasons, I will always be proud of being a KDU student.
Loo Suk Munn
Bachelor of Business (Hons) working at Nestle
Throughout my 3 year tenure with KDU School of Business, I have faced many obstacles which have groomed me into who I am today. The journey was indeed a learning process that was filled with endless shower of joy and glee amidst the occasional learning setbacks which I am grateful for.

My learning curve was further accelerated by faculty members who are passionate in dedicating their time to their profession. They were the ones who taught me that there is no wrong in experiencing failures in life as long as I make an effort to improve and be better than who I was yesterday.
Pearljit Singh
Class of 2017
Due to the academic reputation of the university and the highly relevant courses that was available and the exceptional quality of the lecturers, Pearljit or better known as Pearl ventured herself in KDU. 

KDU certainly played a key role in providing a stepping stone in her present career today. KDU provided a platform for various learning opportunities beyond the classroom and she was able to apply all those learnings into real-world situations whereby she was able to be industry-ready. She added "I also actively took part in KDU's extra-curricular activities to pick up soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork, and being able to multi task as well."
Chiam Tan Pei Pei
Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) working at KPMG
KDU’s Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) has helped me tremendously as it pushed me to go beyond my limits and helped me to discover and develop my personal capabilities. The intensity of the course has made me learn how to manage my time effectively. Though challenging, I appreciate the guidance and support provided by the faculty members within the School of Business. I am now working as an auditor in KPMG and am truly grateful for all the support and helping hands I had received while pursuing my studies in KDU University College. I will always remember all the great memories I had together with my lecturers and friends, and continue to strive for excellence.
Quay Cheng Yee
Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)
“When I enrolled in KDU’s accounting course, I had no idea what to expect. To be honest, all the journal entries, debits and credits were very primitive to me back then but after receiving immense guidance, patience, motivation and impeccable advices, I emerged as one of Top 10 finalists in the tax competition, an achievement I will always be eternally grateful for.  KDU not only provides excellent education, it also urges students to strive for excellence. My education journey and student life at KDU has been very fulfilling and memorable because of the guidance and friendships that will last a lifetime.” 

Quay Cheng Yee, a Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) student who emerged as one of the Top 10 finalists in the 2018 Ernst Young Tax Challenge is currently an employee at the prestigious and reputable audit firm, Ernst & Young.
Sailesh Gopalan
Bachelor of Business (Hons) working at Bollore Logistics Malaysia
It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my Bachelor of Business (Hons) from KDU University College. The relationship between faculty members and students are very cordial, which gave me opportunities to excel in my area of interest. These three years spent here were splendid and has helped me grow professionally and personally. Today, with all the knowledge and experience I've learned at KDU School of Business, I stand tall as a Senior Supply Chain Executive at Bollore Logistics Malaysia, handling key clients in the Aerospace industry.
Ho Sook Yein
Class of 2017
For Sookyein, she had learned and developed a lot of soft skills during her studies in KDU. The presentations she had to do for every module brought the most value to her. The ability to speak and articulate her work was very helpful. Another thing that benefited her a lot were the lecturers who came from the industries, as they provided the students with relevant career advice especially towards the last few months of her final year. 

Sookyein managed to broaden her knowledge in KDU in many aspects, which opened up a lot of opportunities to venture into new areas which she wasn't expecting; this drove her to try out new things. Glad to say that it didn't stop there and she's still trying out new things even until today for both personal and career matters. 

Being students in this generation, it is actually very privileged to be offered so many options to learn and to be exposed to so many opportunities if we put the effort to it. But sometimes it can be quite overwhelming in terms of choosing the 'right' path to go to. Sookyein would love to contribute back in terms of providing more guidance to students in managing these matters, so that they can visualize a future where they can see themselves in. 
Pearljit Singh
Bachelor of Business with Law (Hons) working at Redha
KDU University College has lived up to my expectation in providing real world education to meet real world needs. Throughout my journey at the School of Business, I have benefited a lot from gaining the right depth of knowledge, understands the relationship between business and law in the management of most businesses today. After securing my internship in my very first interview, I was then offered a full-time position at the Real Estate And Housing Developers’ Association Malaysia (REHDA Institute), as an Events, Business Development and Marketing Executive. All these would not have been possible if it weren’t for the guidance and amazing dedication shown by the various people I have met and learnt from throughout my time in KDU School of Business. If you aspire to succeed in your career, KDU University College is the place to be.
Sorik Rath Mong
Bachelor of Business (Hons) working at DELL
KDU University College is one of the most diversified universities in Malaysia and a home for students from all corners of the world. At KDU School of Business, being an international student is no longer a challenge as the staffs have always been genuinely supportive. The faculty members deliver the knowledge with passion and constantly link to the real world contexts. Personally, I think that is what make KDU a great place to study. I would not be the Bloomberg campus ambassador during my sophomore year had I not experienced student life at KDU. My Bachelor in Business (Hons) has armed me with business knowledge academically and practically. That has assisted me to better compete in multinational corporations like Dell Technologies, where I work as a Senior Analyst currently. I am thankful for absolutely everything and every moment I spent at KDU and filled with gratitude to call myself a KDU graduate.
Nichole Maryanne
Bachelor of Business (Hons) pursuing MBA
KDU University College helps me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and also allows me to discover more about myself. The degree programmes at KDU School of Business are well-rounded as well as a challenging. For the same reasons, the Bachelor of Business (Hons) equips me with the knowledge that I need to achieve my career goals. This was evident during my internship period where I practice the knowledge and skills obtained throughout my studies to perform well in my work. The faculty members are always available and willing to assist me professionally and patiently. Currently, I am pursuing my MBA at KDU School of Business.
Low Zhan Hua
Bachelor's Degree of Business
Class of 2013
Teddy is a graduate from Bachelor's Degree of Business specializing in Marketing and he believe that the people who have added values to his present career are the lecturers who taught him the Marketing subjects as they taught the students beyond what was only stated in the textbook. They were able to provide the students with good insights of the Marketing field by generously sharing their industrial experience and this helped to prepare Teddy before entering the working world. 

His friends and lecturers are definitely the ones who gave him the best memories. The lecturers not only see them as students, but also as a friend and mentor to them. Even after graduating, Teddy is still in touch with his classmates till now. 

To Teddy, KDU played a very important role in influencing his passion in life. Before he joined KDU, he didn't know that he would spend his time doing Sales & Marketing. It is great that he found his passion in career through the time he spent in KDU which led to a full-time Sales & Marketing role in his current company - Flexiroam. 
Chong Weng Keong
Class of 2017
"I saw a newspaper advertisement in the The Sun about my future degree (Keele) and I instantly knew I wanted to join KDU". 

He believes that some lecturers were great and I also made some lifelong friends that made his journey in KDU a memorable one. The knowledge as well as the experience he gained from my time in KDU definitely helped developed me mentally and he feels better prepared for my current job. 

"Studying in KDU opened up my world. I had fun and hardships" he said. They will be memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. 

If given the chance, one day he would definitely love to share his experience in the banking industry with KDU students. When asked about things that inspires him in life, he says, "I believe we learn something new every day, no matter how old we get or whichever environment we are in, we will always learn something new." 
Managa Balasandran
Class of 2015
Due to the prestigious branding and the international recognition of KDU, it has influenced Menaga to choose KDU. Besides that, the high quality of education and teaching where all lecturer are qualified for teaching helpful. According to Menaga, KDU not only provides education and teaches the essential life skills, but it also provides the facilities which are the main aspects that attracts students like her to enrol. 

For Menaga, one of the fondest memories in KDU was the treatment received by her friendly lecturer where they sometimes join student for breakfast and lunch to share with them some of their memories during college years or even discuss some study matters out of class. Overall, the friendly environment and helpful lecturer were some of the unforgettable memories in KDU.

Some of the campus-wide programmes such as KDU Culturation, KDU Career Exploration and KDU Sustainability initiatives really aspire her passion in life. Believing that she has made the right choices by choosing KDU, Menaga did recommend her sisters, cousins and colleague's children to pursue their tertiary education at KDU. 
 Ahmed Yaman Nazeem
Ahmed Yaman Nazeem
Diploma in Accountancy
My days in KDU has been remarkable. The support I received from the lecturer, staff and friends in KDU helped me cope with my studies in Malaysia. Coming from a small nation, it was always my dream to study abroad which I fulfilled by making one of the biggest decisions in my life – pursuing my studies in KDU. It is a decision that I will never regret.

Taking up this course has propelled me further into the growing business world. I received holistic education in and outside of the classroom, even receiving an insight of how businesses work here in Malaysia. 
Dominic Gabriel Ong
Class of 2016
"Acquaintances around me share words of praise for KDU's high quality yet affordable tertiary education programmes and being offered a scholarship was a big pus point for me" according to Dominic on the reasons for joining KDU. KDU has provided a lot of fond memories during his study years especially the support and help from lecturer and peers on project and assignment. Which later, pushes him to perform and do the best that he could in academics and life as a whole. "KDU thought me the importance of discipline, as the deadlines and originality of my coursework were adhered strictly." 

This values and lesson learned in while being part of KDU has developed an identity of who he is today. Being in the corporate and investment banking operations department requires him to be able to deliver and excel in a fast-paced environment. While time management and integrity plays a very crucial aspects of his work today and those can be achieved by being disciplined. "As a result, the value I received during my time in KDU really acts as a stepping stone in my present career today." 
Zaeem Ul-Hassan
Zaeem Ul-Hassan
Bachelor of Business (Hons)
My education experience here at KDU University College is filled with unique perspectives, opportunities and events. Student life here is simply amazing. Education I received here taught me more than knowledge extracted from books. I’ve also picked up soft skills that is essential in grooming me for this evolving industry.

Plus, as an international student, studying in Malaysia has been great; there’s always something new to explore in terms of the culture and heritage, and everyone is always eager to help and make you feel at home.
Elaine Louise Jalleh
Elaine Louise Jalleh
Murdoch University (3+ 0)
Mass Communication Degree PR

Associate Marketing Communication, DiGi Telecommunication
Graduated 2011, as Valedictorian
The pinnacle of my KDU University College experience was being bestowed the great honour as Valedictorian of the Graduating Class of 2011, and today, it gives me great pleasure to share my career story, which proudly, began with KDU.

The key moment which set my career in motion was when my classmates and I were encouraged by our lecturers to participate in the L’Orèal Brandstorm competition during our final semester back in 2011. I was (and still am) extremely grateful for their encouragement and support during the competition, because that experience ultimately led to my employment with the leading cosmetics company, L’Orèal Malaysia.

Since then, I have tried my hand at Public Relations, having majored in Public Relations & Communications during my term at KDU. But ultimately, I decided to focus on my professional development in the field of Marketing and this has led me to my current position at DiGi Telecommunications, specializing in Marketing Communications.
Hani Farhana (Hunny Madu)
Communication Studies
Class of 2005
After completing SPM in SMK Damansara Uta ma, Hani or better known as Hunny Madu, a TV host-cum-rap artiste as she is popularly known among Malaysian entertainment industry for her multi-talents. She always driven past KDU College and one day decided to stop by to check out the courses offered on a whim. According to Hunny, "I went to other places to do the same but felt KDU had a great twinning program with Perth. I also knew some seniors who went to Murdoch University to complete their degree and their transit from KDU College had been a great experience," says Hunny. She is glad that she chose KDU in the end because she felt that the institution recognized her talent from the early days right away.

On how KDU was able to add value and provide a stepping stone in your present career today, Hunny reflects that KDU had recognised her passion and talent from the early days. KDU have given her a platform she did not know she wanted and believed in her from the start. "I remember my lecturer, Mr Sham who said to me 'You're a natural for radio. I hope you go for it when you graduate'," she reflects.
Bachelor of Communication (Hons)
I am currently in the Bachelor of Communication (Hons) programme, and I have never encountered any difficulties as an international student here in KDU University College. KDU made it easy for me to adapt. With experienced lecturers and great facilities, not only does KDU offer quality education, but also real world experience as practical projects are part and parcel of our programme.

I have also been able to strike up many precious friendships and participate in so many activities organised by the school, which has made my university life so enjoyable. I am thankful that I chose KDU University College because I feel that it’s helping me to grow intellectually and culturally, and giving me the necessary skills needed to be successful in the working world.
Noelle Khoo
Diploma in Mass Communication
Class of 2015
Upon graduating high school with SPM, Noelle intended to pursue Mass Communication as she wanted to skill-up and equip herself in the sphere of branding, marketing and creative strategy which he could apply the knowledge and silks to help his family business. "I applied for a couple of scholarships to pursue my studies in Mass Communication and was blessed to have been granted two options for a full scholarship at two different university colleges, and one of them was KDU University College. She later discovered that not only KDU was highly acclaimed for their Mass Communication courses, but their comprehensive course outline would help provide me with the most versatile skill sets, and because of the real world experience I would gain through their practical assignments inside and outside of the classroom - as remarked in alumni testimonials." Thus, lead to her decision to joined KDU. 

Being a Diploma in Mass Communication graduates at KDU gave her an opportunity to further develop a critical edge in my academic and professional pursuit. From her involvement in KDU's Student Council, she develop her Diploma coursework through her professional path. "The realistic industrial experience - especially in the area of public relations, advertising campaigns, and event management, challenged me to push through boundaries, explore my interests, and execute quality results." She added that being able to learn about managing and growing relationships with real industry professionals have not only benefited her studies, but have been directly transferable to her professional role today. 
Heng Zefong
Mass Communication
Class of 2013
Zefong joined KDU because it is affordable for his family and the good quality of education his brother had received from KDU. 

KDU's Mass Communication course provides students with a wide range of subjects covered in different kind of categories in Media Industry. This helped Zefong to be exposed to different industries and able to experience multiple career lines during his studies. Although he had no specific passion in terms of career, he believed that the skills KDU provided enabled him to survive in this busy world and be successful in multiple businesses. 

For Zefong, his advice is to "Give and contribute before you gain". He sees people nowadays especially youngster wanted something before they actually give or contribute to the community or companies. He hoped that students will be able to work towards their goals rather than feel entitled for things in life. 
Ian Chong Bing Tian
Mass Communica­tion
Class of 2013
Ian's experience in KDU had been impactful for his career. He had been very grateful for his lecturers, who showed them the real world and opened up a world of possibilities for them. "I've always had a soft spot for Advertising courses during my time there. And the lecturers I've been lucky to be taught by (who are veterans in the industry) have helped mature the calling to dive head first into this industry. Never once have I regretted this decision." 

When thinking back of his lecturers in School of Communication and Creative Arts, he is still very fond of them. The lecturer team were very strong advocates of doing what makes you happy. Preaching that one should find happiness in what you do on a daily basis, that joy in waking up every day and going at the daily grind happily and willingly was very influential to a young hot blooded teen looking for a purpose in life. That said, if Ian was not given the chance to cross path with such influential and people, he doubt he'll be in the Advertising industry with such charisma and passion that he have to this very day. 
Imran B. Harith
Communication & Creative Arts
Class of 2013
As an alumni of KDU, lmran is always proud to share his experience during his studies with people around him. As the founder of the most pioneer sports social business in Malaysia, Im ran often gets invited to talks and events. Im ran kick-started Discover Muay Thai, a social business initiative for undeserved and underprivileged youths by helping them shed their inhibitions, fears, and develop mental and physical strength through Muay Thai. He will also share to the public on how his studying days reflect to his current career and life. 

In lmran's profession, interaction with people is a huge factor and it helps when him to have the knowledge and skills that he learned when he was studying in KDU. It has fulfilled his potential, sparked his passion in life and turned a career out of it. This mainly goes down to all the lecturers he had encountered as they were always there for the students and taught them that being street smart is equally as important as being book smart. 
Justin Ooi
Communication & Creative Arts
Class of 2016
His rationale reason for choosing KDU was simple - "They offered a good amount of credit transfer from the subjects I completed from my previous course and was relatively close to my home". As the KDU's September intake came at the right timing, where he was just finished off with his repeated subject, he did not really expect much when he first enrolled. After experiencing so many delays in his studies, his focus was to quickly get the Degree over and done with. But little did he knew that, "This was going to be one of the most unforgettable, important phase of my life." 

Growing up I was never an academically excellent student, I was just studying for the sake of studying." He added that he learned it the hard way, that in order to be successful in life, it is not enough putting your head into it, but you must also put your heart into it. When he was given a second chance to make things right in KDU, it was like a restart button in his life and he wanted to start afresh. He added, " .. and I am thankful for the passionate, dedicated lecturers who have been a huge part of my learning & growth. They were very supportive, encouraging, and provided me with an education that was not just information to my head, but transformation to my heart. Without them, I wouldn't have graduated as a Valedictorian and be at where I am today." 

Upon graduating from KDU, he was immediately offered a position in Leaderonomics, a social enterprise dedicated to leadership development. He currently works with business and corporate leaders from various organisations to develop their employees to be better leaders at their workplace, using learning as a strategic weapon. He said, "See the connection? It's wonderful how the lessons that I've picked up during my years in KDU (learning that comes from the heart) is in direct correlation to the work I am doing today." 
Khadija Sheikh Fuad
Diploma in Entrepreneurial Design
What I liked most about my time in KDU was the support system I received from both my peers and lecturers. When I started my diploma the course was fairly new and there weren't many of us so we had a lot of one on one time with the lecturers. I was fortunate because that gave me the ability to identify my strengths and weaknesses and work through them with their help. My course mates and I were highly competitive but we never experienced any ill feelings towards each other. In fact, we motivated one another to do our very best to which I'm grateful. Currently what are they doing/ working as? I am currently helping in my family business by utilising my skills that I have learned to design and market their life centre that is based in Janda Baik.
Kevin Wong Kher Ping
Master of Design (Innovation)
Graduated, September 2017
I enrolled into the Masters in Design (Innovation) programme at January 2016 and graduated at September 2017. This programme covers many subjects that are related to new media communication which is crucial in most modern industries. Being a mix mode post graduate programme, it has subjects that are more inclined towards practical application on top of academic research. This enables the students to apply and put their research to the test when it comes to solving practical problems. As an academic staff, the programme also provides a lot of reference points in terms of handling post graduate classes and student experiences. It also allows me to acquire a deeper understanding of academic research and its effects towards the industry and society in general. These experiences enable me to contribute better to my work as lecturer as it allows me to understand how to guide students in coping with their research work and also practical projects. 
Brandon Joshua Hon Tze Wei
Mass Communication
Graduated 2016
Brandon decided to join KDU mainly because of what he wanted to study, location, and word of mouth. Studying in KDU Damansara Jaya campus was a convenient choice for him, and he was comfortable and familiar with the area. He opted for Mass Communications as his career pathway, and decided to enrol in KDU at the time. 

Being a Mass Communication student, Brandon's best memories was when he joined the Performing Arts Club (PARTS) in the dancing division. He joined once he had enrolled into KDU and never regretted it one bit. "We would be having dance practice countless days and nights just to perform for a few minutes but all those times are moments I cherish the most and hold dear to my heart." His passion in dance was being nurtured when he was a member of PARTS Club and also because of assignments that allowed him to showcase his talent. "In a way, I became more confident in showing myself off to the world with what I can do and that makes me happy."
Matthew Ong
Mass Communication
Class of 2010
"I was looking for a college with the facilities that would make my learning more practical. So when I came across KDU, I instantly felt that it is a good choice as they had a well maintained recording studio, prominent industry lecturers and a good environment for my course," says Matthew on the reasons he chose KDU. 

He also feels very fortunate to join KDU Debate Association which helped him greatly on his critical thinking skills, social skills and during his study in KDU. He also got the chance to represent KDU in international and local debates competitions. "It was all the staff of KDU and the open door policy that made it possible," he adds. 

"I would say that it was the time of my life where everything is still so uncertain. KDU has been my platform to realize my potential. The staff and the management of KDU were really helpful in helping me create my foundation and give me confidence to what I am doing today," says Matthew on how KDU provided a stepping stone for him to success in life. 
Ding Sweet Li
Mass Communication
Graduated 2017
 "KDU provided me with a platform of proper guidance from compe­tent lecturers to great systems within campus. I find that I have graduated equipped with knowledge and communication skills, which is essential to carry forward in both my career and life today." 

Talking about the education system in KDU, there were a few lecturers which truly left an impact on her up till today from when she was studying in KDU. Amongst them are Mr Rubin, Ms Leesa and Ms Anna. "They have influenced me in the ways they deal with their careers and their students despite their role as merely to teach us students in KDU."

Having to deal with her personally, these lecturers gave her the kind of encouragement and support that was never failing despite her mischievous days in college. She added "When I finally graduated from KDU, I told myself that in all that I do, I would also like to personally touch lives and add value to those I come in contact with just as they have done for me". 
Michelle Amanda
Mass Communication
Class of 2012
Michelle's fondest memories mostly took place in lectures, tutorial classes, and projects that they've worked together. She is proud to acknowledge that they knew how to balance work and play, ensuring that they obtained nothing but distinctions and high distinctions up to the completion of their degree programme, and still had time to participate in activities and societies. Also, she enjoyed lectures by some of her favourite lecturers, namely Mr. Ruly, Mr. Hardip, Ms. Sheila, Ms. Leesa and Ms. Zee, and they still keep in touch on Facebook! 

Prior joining the diploma programme, Michelle was a reserved person. She had always hold back on sharing her thoughts or speaking up. But due to the nature of the programme which requires a lot of presentation and opinion sharing, she had become more comfortable in her own thoughts and her values. This had shaped her into being a great team player and manager in the workforce. Besides that, her close-knit circle of friends in KDU taught her the importance of trust, teamwork, and dedication in terms of holding up our end of the deal when it came to projects - not letting down one another and giving all 100% for the best of the team. In fact, those positive attributes spilled over into other aspects of her college years - be it studying together and motivating each other, consoling a lecturer who had a hard day, or learning to juggle studies and a part-time job.
Brandon Liu Jia Tar
Brandon Liu Jia Tar
Diploma In Mass Communication
Lecturer, KDU University College
Graduated 2010
My journey with KDU University College began with me enrolling for the Diploma in Mass Communication in 2008. KDU offered me more than just knowledge based on the syllabus but also industrial experience - especially in the area of public relations campaign management, advertisement production and comprehensive media research. All these are crucial skill sets for survival in the working world. I have my alma mater to thank for, for my proficiency in strategic communications. 
Milad Hassandarvish
Milad Hassandarvish
Diploma In Mass Communication (Graduated 2012)
Bachelor of Communication (Hons) (Graduated 2014)
Freelance Journalist
Graduated 2012, 2014
Four years of educational journey in KDU University College was a great mix of quality education, culture and fun college life. Looking back and connecting the dots, the experience was invaluable. 

KDU is a place where people of different nationalities meet together to share one common goal, which is education. I chose KDU for its high articulations rates and learning atmosphere, as well as teaching facilities and experienced lecturers. My time at KDU has given me the opportunity to achieve my highest potential and it has also helped me to prepare for a job and new opportunities. 

This journey has given me new perspectives in life, taught me precious lessons, built exquisite friendship and has sharpened my critical thinking. I am truly honorred to be part of the graduating class of 2014.
Tan Tek Yan, Kalvin
Tan Tek Yan, Kalvin
Diploma in Computer Studies, KDU University College, Malaysia,
2008 - 2010

PhD in Computer Science, University of Northumbria at Newcastle, UK
- Present
2010, Present
I enjoyed a remarkable learning experience at KDU University College; from the technology equipped classes to the support, encouragement and mentorship shown by the Computing department, the journey was invaluable.

During my course of study, I relished in participating in technology driven events organised by KDU as well as debating opinions with the lecturers. These positive experiences persuaded me to further pursue my education and to continually push myself beyond boundaries. 

I will continue to cherish KDU as part of my life’s journey and am proud to celebrate their success amongst graduates.
Ngan Seok Chern
Ngan Seok Chern
BSc of Computer Science, Northumbria University
Academic Programs Ops Manager, APAC AHQ MSP Lead
Studying Computing at KDU University College was a memorable experience for me as it enriched my passion for computers and technology. 

The lessons were always enjoyable and pragmatic; that allowed me to express myself and do the best I could in classes and competitions. One thing I miss at the campus is the vast array of dynamic students and the stimulating academic environment they created.

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I attribute my success today to everyone at KDU.
Poo Voon Kent
Poo Voon Kent
Bachelor of Game Development (Hons) with First Class Honours
3D Game Artist at Streamline Studios
Graduated at 2014
What I love about the course is the fact that the content is pretty intensive and the lecturers are constantly on our backs to not just complete our work but to push it further. 

As I entered my first job, it was quite overwhelming as there were tons of things to pick-up on but thankfully the course really focused on preparing me to be ready to adapt to changes in game technology that affects me as an artist. It was a learning marathon with many late nights spent building up my skills but I’d still recommend it to anyone wanting to jump into game development. 

Having said that, I’d also like to warn any of those who are considering on enrolling that it sure isn’t easy but it will get you the results if you are willing to put yourself into it.
Oliver Clency Yeung
Oliver Clency Yeung
Bachelor of Game Development (Hons), with First Class Honours
Game Programmer TeratoTech
International Student from Mauritius
Graduated at 2014
Studying Game Development in KDU was a unique and memorable experience. It really felt like everything was done to simulate a game development environment but within ‘safe’ educational constraints. 

Projects are run just like how they are in the industry, with lecturers acting as producers and guiding students by helping them setting a scope and making sure deadlines are respected. I was also impressed by the course structure which allows students to experience the 3 main fields of Game Development before deciding in which one to specialize in. Even after choosing a field, flexible electives encourages students to diversify. I found this really important as it makes it easier to collaborate when all members of a team have a good understanding of each other’s roles. 

One of the things I also miss the most is the Area51 Game Studio which is the course’s dedicated computer lab. It is a nice and cosy place to work and relax and it felt like a second home for me, especially during late night crunch hours.
Lim Kwang Meng
Game Development
Class of 2014
Lim on his present career, "KDU's course and lecturers taught and equipped me well for the industry. I gained the professional skills and confidence required to work in the industry." The ability to merge into his first job working space without much issue, and it only gets better from there. Lim believes that the environment that KDU provides has successfully motivated him to keep improving himself so that he can have a better career and will be able to help the others when they need it. Furthermore, the regular sharing session from external expert to give talks in the campus benefited the students and himself when he was a student. 

If situation allows it, "I am interested to share my knowledge with my fellow juniors in KDU. Knowledge sharing is the best way to help everyone improve further, including ourselves, because when we help and teach the others, it will further strengthen our knowledge towards the topic". Here are the few tips from Lim on his success journey - First, always ask questions if there's something that you don't understand. Secondly, keep learning new stuffs to improve your knowledge, especially those that are closely related to your discipline and career. It will definitely be useful some day in the future. Finally, whatever plans or aims you have, work towards it and keep progressing every single day, even if it is just a little bit. 
Elric Lee
Degree in Information Technology
Class of 2013
To Elric, he is very fortunate that he had the support of the lecturers and staff even after non-consultation hours to help him with his assignment. Also, there were opportunities for students to grow themselves in terms of soft skill through engaging in club and societies events. Elric was in Student council and a technology based club namely Tech@KDU. While he was in student council, he was mainly in charge of the technology part of things when running events for student council. The opportunity for him to meet different students and staffs and work together to make the event successful was a great experience for him. 

And while he was in Tech@KDU, he had the support of many major corporation, such a Microsoft. He and his committee members had the privilege in hosting the Asia Pacific launch of the WeSpeakCode initiative by Microsoft as well as being part of the working committee for the Microsoft GameJam. 

Elric's biggest achievement so far is being able to represent KDU and Malaysia in participating in the first ever MIT-GSL program. MIT-GSL is a 2 months program hosted in University Kerbangsaan Malaysia (UKM) where mentor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are sent to Malaysia to nurture future entrepreneur by mentoring student from selected University with industrial best practice and technology to produce a Minimum Viable Product at the end of the program. Elric and his team is fortunate to win the category of best prototype during the event. 
Faisal Fadzil
Computer Science
Class of 1990
Faisal Fadzil, Managing Director of Tanamera Tropical Spa Sdn. Bhd. is now managing his family spa and personal care business which first gained exposure and recognition in Germany. 

"I think the main thing that I get out from my time in KDU is the chance for me to build my confidence" Faisal recalls. Being quite a shy and an introvert chap, it was hard for him to mix with new people initially and his time in KDU definitely helped him to overcome this issue. In addition, Faisal has been actively involved in organising some programs with the students in KDU especially in promoting and supporting sustainability and entrepreneurship. 

Even then, KDU name have already been quite established especially in regard to their American Degree Transfer Programs (ADP). "I was originally planning to do a minor in computer science and major in hotel management but unfortunately due to my family financial constrain I only managed to do my Diploma in Computer Science," Faisal adds. He still remembers the friends and the lecturers he met during his study years back in KDU and he still keep in touch with some of them. Some of the lecturer were an amazing influence on him. 
Hassan Omar
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Class of 2015
All the support from classmates during his final year while working in the final year project. Although it was an individual assignment, but all of his classmates stayed together motivating each other, taking some time off and relax. "To beat the sleep and be able to stay awake we have been transferring and switching venues from one coffee shop to another around Petaling Jaya, we consumed the largest amount of caffeine ever. Literally the only time we would be home is to take a quick shower and back at it again. Despite the stress, we had so much fun and after submitting our thesis we never felt so accomplished," says Hassan. 

KDU Engineering department has guided him through the electrical and electronic engineering program to have a vision of the future, to build skills based on the needs of the industry. "My final year project supervisor at KDU advised him to do his thesis in solar energy as it's the future. Kill two birds with one stone, building up my skill in solar energy industry and completing my degree. After two years of experience in different industries finally my thesis contributed big time to secure my dream job as a PV Solar design engineer," says Hassan on how KDU contributed to his career path today.
Virginia Danielle Christine
Virginia Danielle Christine
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons ) in
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
I enrolled myself in KDU University College and was just blown away by the passion the lecturers had in teaching the students in such a different and powerful way. The academic excellence of my classes and the dedicated academic staff, themselves were the best part of my experience. 

Being able to learn from influential people in the field was the reason I chose engineering in the first place and I was not disappointed. The department has excellent laboratory infrastructural facilities where students are trained with the best of teaching expertise, to enhance their practical skills, exposing themselves to recent trends in the industry.
Tan Kin Sun
Tan Kin Sun
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons ) in
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Being an engineering student at KDU University College has been one of the highlights of my life so far. It is an enlightening experience. The lecturers were really supportive and helpful.

KDU offers many opportunities for learning. For example, in my first year I was able to represent KDU in a competition held by the Institute of Engineering Malaysia to design a lake-cleaning machine. Students at KDU always have the opportunity to attend workshops which are both engaging and interactive. Overall,

I am glad to join KDU because it has played a major role in shaping a part of who I am today as well as preparing me for my future career.
Michelle Driesen
Class of 2003
Being offered a scholarship back then in KDU as she was a high achiever, really helped her financially and developed her soft skills as she was required to serve some hours working in KDU library. At the same time, Michelle, was a very active student as she involved in extra-curricular activities like badminton in Engineering Society. 

When she was asked on how KDU was able to add value and provide a stepping stone in her present career today, she said "The lecturers were and are still good and approachable, I was able to learn a lot from them especially the knowledge and soft skills as well." 

To be able to maintain and be the best in the industry after so many years is inspiring and she would love to contribute back to her alma mater by sharing information, imparting knowledge to the students and hiring them as interns or permanent or contract employees.
Hakim Rosidi
Culinary Arts
Class of 2013
Hakim was looking for a culinary course at the time when he stumbled upon a KDU flyer. After giving it some thoughts, he decided that he would enrol in KDU, and he believed he had made the right choice. 

When thinking back of his fondest memories in KDU, he admitted that there were a lot of memories that is memorable for him. These includes the exciting cooking classes, where they learned different cooking skills and courses, the late night group studies for examinations, and definitely all the awesome friends he had made when he was studying. 

Hakim finds that KDU has excellent culinary courses that has sparked his passion in culinary. With the help and mentorship from the superb chef lecturers in KDU, he believes that it had helped shaped his career path and be at where he is right now. As a chef, he believes that having a passion in keeping life fun, interesting and enjoyable is the key. 
Hariz Lee
Culinary Arts
Class of 2014
During his time in KDU, he was exposed to the industry, the study trip to Switzerland, the guest lectures, and students from all walks of life gathered to better themselves. It made him realize there are more opportunities and more to life than just a mundane 9am to 5pm job. "You can actually enjoy the process!" he added. 

When he was asked on the fondest memories while studying in KDU, he said "friends that I made along the way and the helpful lecturers were the most precious part of my time study­ing in KDU". When talking about life principles that inspires him to be who he is today, he believes in respect for self and others and be kind. He also believes that a few right good friends is good enough and these people will make life more beautiful than it could ever be. 
Goh Sze Wei
Goh Sze Wei
IMI BA in International Hotel & Tourism Management
Sales Coordinator, Malaysia
National Sales Team, Leisure
Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Graduated 2014
I was a Bachelor of Arts in International Hotels & Tourism Management graduate Year 2014.

Throughout my studies in KDU UC, SHTCA and all its lecturers have educated, trained and imparted their knowledge, experience and know how to prepare me to face the challenges in the hotel/hospitality industry.

During my final semester, KDU helped to deploy me to a prestigious hotel for internship training. During my 5-6 months of internship, my superiors, colleagues and staff at my workplace have helped me to learn more about the industry andI have benefited from the hands on experience. 

Upon completion of my internship I was offered a permanent position with the Hotel Group. I am very grateful to KDU UC for educating, training and preparing me to excel in this field of work.
Jonathan Lee Cheng Yee
Jonathan Lee Cheng Yee
IMI BA in International Hotel & Tourism Management
Management Trainee – Hilton Worldwide
Graduated 2013
KDU UC provides me an amazing opportunity to be an exchange student to France during my last semester of my BA studies. 

I had an awesome experience studying in France, making new friends and exploring their culture before I got accepted in the South East Asia Management Trainee Programme with Hilton Worldwide. 

The programme enriched my experience of all operations in a hotel and provided me with fast track development as a future manager in a hotel property.
Aaron Khor Ching Tsen
Culinary Arts
Class of 2016
The years were formative in ways that shaped his interests as a KDU undergraduate and that continued to take him abroad. At KDU, Aaron finds the campus very friendly and welcom­ing, which makes his learning more enjoyable and fun at the same time. He didn't just found friends but also 'family' among his course mates. He met a lecturer which happens to be the head chef of Dewakan (fine dining home-grown restaurant in KDU) to find out more about the course. 

"Studying at KDU has taught me the importance of teamwork. I have experienced working with different people in KDU from different backgrounds". He added "I have learnt so much to become motivated and passionate about my career." 

Aaron recommends KDU to anyone interested in his passions - culinary arts, fine dining service and hospitality that one should go crazy and have fun while they can because life is short. 
Leong Kuan Yew
Class of 2015
Despite being a KDU staff once, it does not stop Leong from pursuing his study in Master's level. "I am satisfied that the program was well organized and whoever managed it did a very good job." He remembers the moments when most of his classmates were working adults having 9 am to 5 pm job, thus he had late evening classes from Monday to Thursday. Most of the time they had to rush to classes after work, but he feels so grateful as they were greeted by good foods and beverages right before our class, and in between lectures, there are always some simple snacks. He says, "This simple but warm arrangement had made our learning great despite our tired schedule right after work." 

According to Leong, the lecturers were highly experienced within their industries, and it was very helpful to further enhance his skills for his next position in the field. He added "I gained good insights through their sharing and supervision. The Master's degree itself has helped in my career promotion." 

When asked on how KDU has contributed in shaping him in his career today, he says "I am influenced to perceive the world very differently, with better understanding of cognitive orientation that leads to the reshaping of my dedication in research and engineering. KDU has also brought me to my passion in building a better tomorrow through technology advancements for the community."