Brandon Joshua Hon Tze Wei

Mass Communication
Graduated 2016
Brandon decided to join KDU mainly because of what he wanted to study, location, and word of mouth. Studying in KDU Damansara Jaya campus was a convenient choice for him, and he was comfortable and familiar with the area. He opted for Mass Communications as his career pathway, and decided to enrol in KDU at the time. 

Being a Mass Communication student, Brandon's best memories was when he joined the Performing Arts Club (PARTS) in the dancing division. He joined once he had enrolled into KDU and never regretted it one bit. "We would be having dance practice countless days and nights just to perform for a few minutes but all those times are moments I cherish the most and hold dear to my heart." His passion in dance was being nurtured when he was a member of PARTS Club and also because of assignments that allowed him to showcase his talent. "In a way, I became more confident in showing myself off to the world with what I can do and that makes me happy."