Ding Sweet Li

Mass Communication
Graduated 2017
 "KDU provided me with a platform of proper guidance from compe­tent lecturers to great systems within campus. I find that I have graduated equipped with knowledge and communication skills, which is essential to carry forward in both my career and life today." 

Talking about the education system in KDU, there were a few lecturers which truly left an impact on her up till today from when she was studying in KDU. Amongst them are Mr Rubin, Ms Leesa and Ms Anna. "They have influenced me in the ways they deal with their careers and their students despite their role as merely to teach us students in KDU."

Having to deal with her personally, these lecturers gave her the kind of encouragement and support that was never failing despite her mischievous days in college. She added "When I finally graduated from KDU, I told myself that in all that I do, I would also like to personally touch lives and add value to those I come in contact with just as they have done for me".