Faisal Fadzil

Computer Science
Class of 1990
Faisal Fadzil, Managing Director of Tanamera Tropical Spa Sdn. Bhd. is now managing his family spa and personal care business which first gained exposure and recognition in Germany. 

"I think the main thing that I get out from my time in KDU is the chance for me to build my confidence" Faisal recalls. Being quite a shy and an introvert chap, it was hard for him to mix with new people initially and his time in KDU definitely helped him to overcome this issue. In addition, Faisal has been actively involved in organising some programs with the students in KDU especially in promoting and supporting sustainability and entrepreneurship. 

Even then, KDU name have already been quite established especially in regard to their American Degree Transfer Programs (ADP). "I was originally planning to do a minor in computer science and major in hotel management but unfortunately due to my family financial constrain I only managed to do my Diploma in Computer Science," Faisal adds. He still remembers the friends and the lecturers he met during his study years back in KDU and he still keep in touch with some of them. Some of the lecturer were an amazing influence on him.