Imran B. Harith

Communication & Creative Arts
Class of 2013
As an alumni of KDU, lmran is always proud to share his experience during his studies with people around him. As the founder of the most pioneer sports social business in Malaysia, Im ran often gets invited to talks and events. Im ran kick-started Discover Muay Thai, a social business initiative for undeserved and underprivileged youths by helping them shed their inhibitions, fears, and develop mental and physical strength through Muay Thai. He will also share to the public on how his studying days reflect to his current career and life. 

In lmran's profession, interaction with people is a huge factor and it helps when him to have the knowledge and skills that he learned when he was studying in KDU. It has fulfilled his potential, sparked his passion in life and turned a career out of it. This mainly goes down to all the lecturers he had encountered as they were always there for the students and taught them that being street smart is equally as important as being book smart.