Noelle Khoo

Diploma in Mass Communication
Class of 2015
Upon graduating high school with SPM, Noelle intended to pursue Mass Communication as she wanted to skill-up and equip herself in the sphere of branding, marketing and creative strategy which he could apply the knowledge and silks to help his family business. "I applied for a couple of scholarships to pursue my studies in Mass Communication and was blessed to have been granted two options for a full scholarship at two different university colleges, and one of them was KDU University College. She later discovered that not only KDU was highly acclaimed for their Mass Communication courses, but their comprehensive course outline would help provide me with the most versatile skill sets, and because of the real world experience I would gain through their practical assignments inside and outside of the classroom - as remarked in alumni testimonials." Thus, lead to her decision to joined KDU. 

Being a Diploma in Mass Communication graduates at KDU gave her an opportunity to further develop a critical edge in my academic and professional pursuit. From her involvement in KDU's Student Council, she develop her Diploma coursework through her professional path. "The realistic industrial experience - especially in the area of public relations, advertising campaigns, and event management, challenged me to push through boundaries, explore my interests, and execute quality results." She added that being able to learn about managing and growing relationships with real industry professionals have not only benefited her studies, but have been directly transferable to her professional role today.